helping clients to achieve environmental objectives since 1998


We offer a variety of environmental services including but not limited to:

Aquatic Assessment Services

  • Fish habitat assessment and habitat compensation planning
  • Fish rescue/salvage and relocation
  • Fish passage evaluation
  • Fisheries stock assessments
  • Wetland assessment, classification, quantification and compensation planning
  • TSS and turbidity monitoring for potential sedimentation to watercourses
  • Limnological investigation
  • Water quality sampling and monitoring

Terrestrial Assessment Services:

  • Nesting and migratory bird screening for removal of treed areas
  • Migratory bird mitigation planning, monitoring and management
  • Vegetation inventories
  • Noxious, nuisance and restricted weeds screening
  • Topsoil analysis, grass seed mixture screening and fertilizer recommendations
  • Threatened, rare or endangered terrestrial resource surveys
  • Critical wildlife corridor and habitat assessment
  • Wildlife-vehicle collision monitoring

Environmental Protection & Planning:

  • ECOPlans and Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans (ESCP)
  • Biophysical and Natural Areas Assessments
  • Phase I, II and III Environmental Assessments
  • Bioengineering methods and in-channel devices for sediment containment
  • Streambank erosion protection
  • Erosion and sediment control planning and monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring and auditing
  • Hydrocarbon remediation and soil sampling
  • Regulatory approvals