helping clients to achieve environmental objectives since 1998


Ray Makowecki

M.Sc., P.Biol., QAES


Ray Makowecki has been offering high quality environmental services to public and private sector clients from across Canada for over 40 years.  During this period, Makowecki has garnered extensive experience in the fields of ecology, fish and wildlife biology, water quality and aquatic management, geomorphology, forestry, database management, policy development, and project management. His experience in numerous aspects of environmental science has resulted in the successful development and implementation of many effective management techniques for a wide range of proponents including but not limited to road builders, oil and gas producers, miners, sand and gravel industry, municipalities, developers, lake and cottage associations, farmers, government agencies, engineers, tree clearers, trappers, environmental interest and research groups and more.

Prior to founding EnviroMak Inc., Ray served as Head, Fisheries Habitat and Director, Northeast Region, for Alberta Fish and Wildlife.  He was instrumental in the development of Alberta's fisheries habitat protection guidelines, the critical fish habitat maps and a natural resource protection referral system. He later became the Director of Policy and Program Coordination for Alberta Environmental Protection, where he was responsible for the evaluation and management of a number of programs including the Northern River Basins Study, the Alberta Forest Conservation Strategy, and the commercial recreation policy.

Makowecki believes in incorporating direct and personal experience when conducting field assessments, preparing reports and liaising with regulatory agencies. In doing so, he provides a high level of service to client.

Ray was recently awarded the National Recreational Fisheries Award of Canada (2015 recipient).  ‘Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) developed the National Recreational Fisheries Award program to honour individuals and organizations for their contribution to the conservation, restoration and enhancement of Canada's recreational fisheries and their habitat. These individuals and organizations have played, and continue to play, a very important role in sustaining and developing the recreational fishing experience throughout Canada.’

Ray Makowecki receiving 2015 National Recreational Fisheries Award of Canada from Dave Burden, Regional Director General, Central and Arctic Region, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Kyla Walker-Makowecki

M.Sc., P. Biol., RT(Ag), QAES, CPESC, EP

Principal, EnviroMak Inc. Environmental Management Consultants

Kyla Walker-Makowecki has been providing environmental services within the environmental sector for approximately 20 years from Alberta to Labrador to Kazakhstan and from pipelines and roadways to stormwater ponds and golf courses to landfills and mining.  During this time, Kyla has been pleased to assist proponents in navigating the environmental regulatory processes, finding practical efficient environmental solutions and effectively meeting their environmental objectives.
Specifically, Kyla provides clients with specialized guidance in pre-development planning; input on project design or route selection in consideration of client objectives and regulatory requirements; QAES (Qualified Aquatic Environment Specialist) assessments for roadways, pipelines, intakes and outfall structures; CPESC (Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control) development of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans and inspections; wetland classification, quantification and compensation assessment; fish passage evaluation, rescue/salvage and relocation; Care of Water Plans; limnological investigations; migratory bird survey and mitigation planning, environmental monitoring and impact assessment (federal and provincial); habitat compensation design, restoration and enhancement; regulatory approval assistance with interpreting the regulatory process; notifications and applications for Alberta Water Act approvals and federal Fisheries Act authorizations; turbidity and TSS monitoring during in-stream construction; natural areas assessments; ECOPlan development and more.
Kyla’s Master’s Degree in Science (Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Mining and Petroleum) focused on sedimentation and aquatic ecosystem turbidity monitoring in association with watercourse crossings and mining.  She also provides expertise in the areas of hydrocarbon contamination response and remediation with particular focus in natural areas and near and within watercourses/waterbodies.  She has in-depth experience and knowledge with respect to environmental needs and requirements associated with pipeline integrity, maintenance and installation.
As principal of EnviroMak, Walker-Makowecki believes in fiscal accountability and efficiency and strives to provide the best service for the most value.